Welcome To The Antique Tool Store!
Here you will find a large amount of antique tools, locks and keys for sale.  Whatever it is you are looking for, you are sure to find here.
In 2005, anitque tools broke the $100,000 barrier when an 1876 Sandusky center wheel presentation plow plane sold for $114,400.  The $100,000 mark has always been the price at which an area of collecting becomes a ture collectible.  Antique tools have now firmly established themselves in the world of antiques and collectibles.
As you browse the selections available her keep in mind the criteria used to determine condition grades of tools:
New:  Tool is completely useable; metal is 100% with no rust; wood is as manufactured with smooth, sharp surfaces, no wear or repair.
Fine:  Tool is completely useable;  metal is 90%-100% and may have a trace of rust and some dark patina;  wood 80% original or old finish, smooth surface and edges slightly rounded;  minimal wear and no repair; maker's marks, if present, are clear and easily legible.
Good+:  Tool is useable, but may need some tuning;  metal is 75%-90% and may have light rust;  wood has a well-patinated appearance, but may have minor surface stress, edges are good;  wear is normal with minor or no repair;  may have a few dings and scratches.
Good:  Tool is useable, but may need significant tuning;  metal is 50%-75% and may have light rust or minor pitting;  wood has pleasing patination but possibly some stains, and may have minor chips or shrinkage cracks;  wear is normal to moderate and any repairs are minor but correct;  represents average, as-found condition.
Good-:  Tool is probably useable;  netal 30%-50% with moderate rust and moderate pitting;  wood is refinished or has wraping, chips, minor splitting, and some patination, with prominent staining or discoloration;  wear is moderate to heavy and repairs are correct; although the tool has problems, the general integrity is okay.
Fair:  Tool is probably not useable;  metal is 0%-30% with moderate to heavy rust and serious pitting;  wood shows poor refinishing, or if original finish, shows extreme discoloration with warping, splits, major cracks, or large chunks missing; wear is excessive and repairs are major with improper or missing parts;  normally not suitalbe to add to a colleciton, but may be good for parts.
Poor:  Tool is not useable;  metal has heavy rust and major pitting;  wood has rot, rough surface, or glued splits;  wear is excessive and tool is damaged and missing major parts;  only useful for parts or raw materials for repair of tools in better condition.
Happy hunting and I hope you find the perfect tool for your collection!